Protecting the Alpine Community from Wildfire while Preserving our Environment through Education, Land Stewardship, and Vegetation Management


The "Home Alone" Program
Each fall, Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council brings fire, public safety, and utility company experts together to talk with sixth graders at Joan MacQueen Middle School.  Through demonstrations, question-and-answer, and practical advice, students learn how to create emergency plans with their parents.

Natural History Museum Demonstration House
Sponsored by the San Diego Natural History Museum, and in partnership with
the CHIRP Sage and Songbirds garden tour, Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council
created a defensible landscape as well as a fire resistant habitat garden.

Community Outreach
Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council shares wildfire preparation information with
Alpine residents at community fairs, Alpine Fire Protection District's annual
open house and in articles in the Alpine Sun.

Public Education Workshops
From fire extinguisher operation to general disaster preparedness, Greater
Alpine Fire Safe Council brings public education workshops to the Alpine