Protecting the Alpine Community from Wildfire while Preserving our Environment through Education, Land Stewardship, and Vegetation Management

About Us

Board of Directors

President                  Neville Connell
Vice-President          Ken Gilden
Treasurer                  Vicki Murphy
Secretary                  Betty Murphy
Members-at-             Sharon Root  
Large                        Jon Green
                                 Jeff Forbes

Contact Us:

Telephone:               619-244-6093
Mail:                          PO Box 342
                                 Alpine CA 91903

The Board of Directors 

The Team 2018-2019

Back: Steve Parker, Jeff Forbes,                              Ed Wortley, Ken Gilden, 
          Jon Winslow

Middle: Mary Smith, Sharon Root,                              Jon Green, Dennis Larsen

Front: Norm Swensson, Neville Connell,                  Betty Murphy, Vicki Murphy,                          Diane Francis

Values and Credo

GAFSC will work to protect for future generations both the natural environment
of Greater Alpine and the manmade resources of the community from the ravages of wildfire, using methods that wherever possible achieve both goals simultaneously.

GAFSC will work with leaders from fire and public safety agencies to update the Community Wildfire Protection Plan using land stewardship, education, outreach, and fuel management as our guiding principles.

GAFSC will strive without personal or political agenda to implement the Community Wildfire Protection Plan by obtaining grants and donations to promote fire prevention, fire safety, homeowner defensible space, and fuel management without regard for race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, familial status, religion, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.

GAFSC may accept grants for specific projects and unrestricted donations but will not accept funds that are contingent on our support for non Fire Safe Council activities.

GAFSC recognizes that there will frequently be insufficient funds to complete all proposed projects in any given year. Faced with this challenge, we will always follow a strategic plan that permits their completion in subsequent years.

GAFSC operates within the Community Wildfire Protection Plan boundary. Nevertheless, in cases where people in neighboring areas are in need as a result of wildfire or other declared state of emergency, we will follow our written policy for offering assistance.

Back:   Jeff Forbes, Jon Green, Ken Gilden

Middle: Betty Murphy, Sharon Root, Neville Connell

Front:   Vicki Murphy