Protecting the Alpine Community from Wildfire while Preserving our Environment through Education, Land Stewardship, and Vegetation Management

How You Can Help

Wildfire is a fact of life in Southern California. Volunteering with Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council can empower you to raise awareness and work towards fire safety in your community.

  •  Do you enjoy working with computers or on the Web?
  •  Do you speak other languages besides English?
  •  Do you like working with people?
  •  Do you like working behind the scenes?
  •  Have you ever taught?
  •  Do you have writing and editing skills?
  •  Can you spend a little time preparing mailings?
  •  Do you have good public speaking skills?
  •  Do you like to raise money for good causes?
  •  Are you connected with other community or faith based clubs and organizations?

  •  Do you like to take pictures?
  •  Are you involved with communications and marketing?
  •  Do you like to work outdoors?
  •  Are you mechanically inclined?

Volunteer Application
Fill out a volunteer application and help make your community safer from wildfire.

Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council is a 501(c)3 corporation, and your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help us continue the programs that help make Alpine safer from wildfire.

Please send donations to:
Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council
PO Box 342
Alpine CA 91903