Protecting the Alpine Community from Wildfire while Preserving our Environment through Education, Land Stewardship, and Vegetation Management

Fuelbreaks in Greater Alpine

GAFSC works with our agency partners to design wildfire defense areas called "fuelbreaks".  Strategically placed to help deflect wildfire around a group of homes, these mowed areas may be as few as 15 acres and as many as 50. Tractors fitted with large mowing heads known as masticators work in the fuelbreak areas, mowing dead and dying or highly flammable brush. Healthy specimens of broad leaf chaparral, such as Manzanita, oak, and mountain mahogany are left intact to serve as habitat.

                 Completed Fuelbreaks                                                                                               Funded
                 Southern                                                 Northern (Crown Hills)                               Horsethief Canyon
                 Alpine Heights (Lilacrest West)         Victoria Loop                                                 Alpine Heights
                 Viejas                                                      Sweetwater                                                   Eastern (Farlin)